Shown here is the calendar for events affiliated with CEC.

We offer meditations every Monday night in Toronto, and other events such as Courses and Retreats.




Location: Mosaic Yoga - 225 Sterling Rd #23, Toronto ON
Dates: Monday, December 3, 7:30pm
From The Beatles taking us Across the Universe to the Beastie Boys going Intergalactic, rock’n’roll has long been fascinated with all things outer space. Following in those gravity defying footsteps, we’re going to explore our own experiences of spaciousness in tonight's meditation sit. And once we’re all good and spacious, we’ll channel our inner rock stars in the spirit of getting freer.


Location: Mosaic Yoga - 225 Sterling Rd #23, Toronto ON
Dates: Monday, December 10, 7:30pm
What does freedom sound like? What does it feel like? When my 4 month old baby farts with zero concern for those around her, it sure looks like it feels sweet. Imagine being able to truly let go that freely, and enjoy sound, sensation, and the relief that follows, with none of the embarrassment? That's rock'n'roll my friends. In part 1 we’ll explore the intersection of sound and bodily sensation in stillness, and in part 2 we'll let all that formality go, and explore with movement and music. Bring your dancing shoes! 😉


Location: Mosaic Yoga - 225 Sterling Rd #23, Toronto ON
Dates: Monday, December 17, 7;30pm
Who’s to say that a seemingly unique performance/piece of art might actually be a completely inhibited contrivance driven by one’s need to be seen in a certain light; to be accepted or loved (by others, but ultimately themselves)? Who’s to say?! No, really! WHO? Tonight we’ll sit with that question as we peek behind the curtain of our experience. And in the second half, we will play around with being a passenger in the autonomous vehicle of our self-expression.  "I wanna rock and roll all night. Samadhi every day." - Kiss




Location: Mosaic Yoga - 225 Sterling Ave #23, Toronto ON
Dates: Saturday, January 5th, 1:30-5:30pm
What exactly is the relationship between mind and body (that is, insofar as we can discern in our lived experience), and what important mind-body principles do I wish someone had told ME, before I went and totalled the car? Of course, due to nervous system and environmental diversity, we all must write our own manuals. Nevertheless, certain core principles appear to come around again and again, for example: the value of simplicity, the need for a strong centre, and the beauty of compassion. On this fine day your mind-body curator Jeff Warren will come back from the dead to introduce and lead a mix of meditation and light movement practices around all of these principles.


Location: Hoame Meditation Studio - 430 Adelaide St West, Toronto
Dates: Wednesday, January 9th 7pm
Inspired by Lewis Hyde’s beloved classic ‘The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World’, GIFT is a tribute to something that can’t be measured or counted, bought or sold. An intimate exploration of real-life gift economies, it’s a reflection on the creative process, the reasons we labour in service of our gifts, and a celebration of the imagination.