Shown here is the calendar for events affiliated with CEC.

We offer meditations every Monday night in Toronto, and other events such as Courses and Retreats.




Location: Mosaic Yoga Studio - 225 Sterling Rd
Dates: Monday, June 4, 7:30pm
This is the first step onto the shifting ground of our emotional body, where it’s held, what it feels like.  During the first part of the sit, we are going to parse out some of the territory, the general conditions of its creation, and in the interactive, we are going to sit with some of the emotions, colour them onto a map of ourselves, and see where they fit.  


Location: Mosaic Yoga Studio - 225 Sterling Rd, Unit 23
Dates: June 12, 7:30pm
There is some interesting new research emerging from the field of smart-people-in-lab-coats that suggests we have more agency around our emotions than many of us realize. The key isn’t in the suppression; it’s in the reframing. We can choose HOW we want to experience our various tugs and tingles. And if we choose to experience them in an empowering light, it seems they no longer cause us the same kind of suffering. This Monday night, we’ll boil down all our body sensations and thoughts and emotional tugs into two primordial categories, and give them each a new name.  Like Allan. Or Perry. Perry is nice.


Location: Sugar Ridge Retreat Center, Wyebridge, Ontario
Dates: June 15th - June 18th, 2018
This two-day retreat will be a savagely gleeful exploratory romp through four styles of meditation, inspired by Jeff's new book. Suitable for total beginners to more experienced practitioners. The idea is to kick-start – or refresh – peoples’ meditation practice with two days of sitting and discussion, with some movement and nature breaks to keep the body limber.


Location: Mosaic Yoga Studio - 225 Sterling Rd, Unit 23
Dates: June 18, 7:30pm
For this meditation, we’ll tune into the connection between our thoughts and our feels, our heads and our hearts, noticing how they work together and where (if) they come apart. Then we’ll get our giggle on in part two’s group laughing meditation because, among other things, life can be pretty darn hilarious, especially when you find yourself in a room filled with other people laughing uproariously. Come equipped with  your best/worst jokes to fuel the fun.


Location: Mosaic Yoga Studio - 225 Sterling Rd, Unit 23
Dates: June 25, 7:30pm
It is well that you’ve come this far, treading territory terrifyingly familiar or dazzling new lands.  Or shit, maybe you’ve felt hollow as a gourd, waiting for something to spring into that space in your chest, the one with once held all the quivers, like a cat at an empty mouse hole.  Trust on this one: the work’s the same. It’s about loving what you got. This sit, we are going to keep our eye on that tender place, and do what we can to love its mystery. Then, we are going to spill about on the floor, let all the work fall away, and be swept into sound.



Location: Lakefield College School, Lakefield, Ontario
Dates: July 10 - 15, 2018


Location: Lama Foundation, New Mexico
Dates: July 24 - 31, 2018



Location: Ecology Retreat Centre
Dates: August 9th-12th, 2018
With a mix of guidance and silent practice, explore the fine grains of feeling, sound, rest, surrender, play, loving-kindness, then let the insights build while activating them in a community of fellow explorers intent on taking what they learn on the cushion into their lives. Not a retreat. This is an ADVANCE!