Shown here is the calendar for events affiliated with CEC.

We offer meditations every Monday night, and other events such as Courses and Retreats.




Location: online via zoom
Dates: Monday, March 4, 7:30pmEST
For this neurodiversity-affirming meditation, you hereby have permission to be the unique way you are. Perhaps that is not hard for you, in which case, superb, I wish to learn from you. For myself, it was a long road. In this practice, I try to cater to a few different styles of attention and sensory sensitivities. There are many ways to learn to self-regulate.


Location: online via zoom
Dates: Monday, March 11, 7:30pmEST
This session, we will settle deeply and comfortably into our bodies, lean into spaciousness inside ourselves, and then diffuse our attention into the space around us, and we’ll see if we can’t unearth a greater sense of belonging.


Location: Dufferin Grove Park, south fire pit
Dates: Saturdays December 16, January 20, February 17, March 16, 3-4:30pm
Cozy up to winter with monthly CEC fireside meditations at Dufferin Grove Park! Come for the mindfulness, stay for the marshmallows...


Location: online via zoom
Dates: Monday, March 18, 7:30pmEST
Masking neurodivergent behaviours to “pass” as neurotypical can come at a deep cost. This practice will explore the masks we all wear, and when they may serve us or harm us. What would happen if we all unmasked? What lies beneath?


Location: Alternity Community Hub, 333 Bloor Street West
Dates: Friday, March 22nd, 8:30pm
Gather in community to greet the spring with a fun Friday night of mindfulness, music and movement.


Location: online via zoom
Dates: Monday, March 25, 7:30pmEST
In true neurodivergent fashion this practice will break the mould. Instead of the usual guided sit, we will do a social practice exploring how others experience the world; empathizing with their unique cognition in a way that brings our own into clarity.



Location: Five Oaks Centre. 1 Bethel Road Paris, ON N3L 3E3
Dates: Friday, August 2nd, 3pm - Monday, August 5th, 2pm
Consciousness Explorers Club legendary summer retreat is back!