Select pieces written over the past few years. Click here to see the Newsletter Archive.

Thunderbolts of Reality

It’s called a “vajra,” and it’s one of those ubiquitous symbols seen across the Indian subcontinent. In Tibetan Buddhism it points to the whole Vajrayana “Diamond” Path. Different people describe the vajra’s symbolism in different ways. One wildly ambitious way is as the sum total of reality itself, or at least, three fundamental ways of experiencing reality.

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What Practice?

I often meet people who say playing music is their practice, or taking a bubble bath, or walking in nature. The implication is that whatever happens in meditation can happen in these activities too.

Is this true?

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At the Still Point

Think about a time when you were most in the zone, most in flow – not only with some central object of concentration, but with the whole wide world around you.

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Fuck It

Human experience seemed to unfold across a rich spectrum of possibly, yet if you only read the newspapers and magazines and book reviews of the intellectual mainstream you’d never know any of it was happening at all.

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