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Lucid Dreaming: The Next Frontier

An update of some of the intriguing scientific literature on ” lucid dreaming;” some of the experiments being done are so strange and improbable they read like Hollywood scripts. Includes one recent German study that established two-way transworld communication between waking and dreaming consciousness: you can get messages in, and you can get messages out.

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Dolphin Minds – A Conversation

What would we learn if we could merge parts of the human brain with those of other species? Might we hear the sounds of the past? Live in naked troops, swapping intimate experiences without words? Or build a new social network? A fun and wide-ranging conversation with two smart friends – Lori Marino and Ben Goertzel – published in the Christmas 2011 issue of New Scientist.

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The Animal in Us, The Human in Them

“They have no future without us, the chimps, the elephant, the whales and the rest. None. The question that we, the keepers, are facing is whether we’d mind a future without them ” – “whether we’d be bothered by an Earth with no living vestiges of our own differently shaped selves.” – Charles Siebert

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