Bio-Emotive Framework – public talk and weekend intensive course

Learn about the Bio-Emotive Framework, a complete system for understanding your emotional world, from founder Dr Douglas Tataryn.


Dr. Douglas J. Tataryn, a psychologist and thought leader in the world of emotional maturity and spiritual growth, will be joined by his wife Dr. Darlene Tataryn, an expressive therapist, to share their processes for releasing long held emotions and feelings, often experienced as “stuck in the body”. Both are 40+ year meditation practitioners and will speak to how this work can be used to deepen and facilitate your meditation practice.

Friday Night will be a public lecture by Dr Doug on the Bio-Emotive Framework how healthy emotional processing fits into personal development. Many clients and colleagues have called Dr. Tataryn’s framework “the missing piece” to their prior personal growth paths. Dr. Tataryn will share how he “uncovered” the bio-emotive framework. The journey of discovering the nine-core feelings within his clients and how it started to fill in the gaps he was finding in many traditional psychological methods. The insight of discovering the nine-core feelings was the beginning of his finding interpersonal feelings, accidental conditioned history, healthy and unhealthy crying and more.

Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to going deeply into the experiential practice of emotional clearing. Darlene will guide you through movement practices to help open up the body, reduce body armoring, and energetically realign your system, so that Dr. Doug’s emotional processing work can proceed more directly and efficiently.

You can expect deep physical and emotional releases, sharing in small and large-groups, Q&A time, lots of laughs, and lots of tears as your body-mind system learns to identify and release the Accidental Conditioned History presently causing so many of your present life challenges.

Drs. Doug and Darlene will be joined by their daughter Ali, an expressive arts facilitator and We-space facilitator. She will guide the group through various authentic relating and communication teachings, integrating core concepts from the Bio-Emotive Framework.

Fees & Registration

All tickets available on Eventbrite

Friday Night Public Talk $25 or PWYC

Full Weekend Intensive – $350 (early bird until Dec 31st), $400 (late bird in January), $200 (scholarship rate)