Tapping the creativity of the imaginative child

TEACHER: Avi Craimer
THEME:  Tapping the creativity of the imaginative child
MEDITATION: Childhood icons and Faery Tales

Avi:  As kids we’re all creative, making up stories, playing imaginative games. In adulthood we often let these capacities atrophy, but it is never too late to reclaim them. In tonight’s meditation we’ll explore an inner space filled with the heroes and villains that wove themselves into our psyche’s as children and also speak to our adult needs and challenges.

With calls for social distancing to curb the spread of COVID-19, CEC is cancelling our Monday night sits at Mosaic Yoga in Toronto until at least April 6th. We will instead offer virtual meditation sits and discussions via Zoom. Please join us Mondays at 7:30pm(EST) to meditate in community and cultivate some connection in these socially distant times. Teachers and practices will vary from week to week. If you live outside of Toronto and have always wanted to check out CEC, now’s your chance!

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CEC meditation sit March 30
March 30, 2020 7:30- 8:30PM EST
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