Full Body Absorption

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: Full Body Absorption
MEDITATION:Weaving the Braid of Attention
INTERACTIVE:Breath-Supported Movement

Jeff: Hello Exploded Brains! My own exploded brain wishes to communicate with you, but (on account of said explosion) I find myself unable to summon the necessary resources. Fortunately, like all of us, I have a strange nature-given capacity to un-plode myself. Call it focus, call it absorption. As I commit myself to the activity at hand, I can almost feel the various task-relevant parts of my brain, body, and attention all converge and synchronize. In this way, moment by moment, we secure the world in front of us. “Traveler, there is no path –  the path is made by walking.” – Antonia Machado. Join me Monday night as we explore this everyday miracle.