Threefold Human

Erin:  Thinking, feeling, willing – educational philosopher Rudolf Steiner called these the three faculties of the soul. For the meditation sit, we’ll spend time focusing on three corresponding parts of our bodies, giving our attention to the activity in our heads, hearts and guts. Like taking a guided tour of your soul, via your physical body!

Thinking and Feeling

Erin: In palmistry, which i know very little about, each hand has a head line to represent our intellectual path  and a heart line to show the emotional path. Except my hand, which has the head and the heart lines merged as one, a deep slash across each palm. Meaning, I’m told by very reputable internet sites, that my thoughts and feelings are inexorably linked. Like everybody else, I’m pretty sure, no matter what the lines on their hands have to say about it. For this meditation, we’ll tune into the connection between our thoughts and our feels, our heads and our hearts, noticing how they work together and where (if) they come apart.

Primordial Tugs

Jeff: There is some interesting new research emerging from the field of smart-people-in-lab-coats that suggests we have more agency around our emotions than many of us realize. The key isn’t in the suppression; it’s in the reframing. We can choose HOW we want to experience our various tugs and tingles. And if we choose to experience them in an empowering light, it seems they no longer cause us the same kind of suffering. Hey – that’s not meditation, that’s neuroscience! This Monday night, we’ll boil down all our body sensations and thoughts and emotional tugs into two primordial categories, and give them each a new name.  Like Allan.  Or Perry. Perry is nice.