The Eight Senses

Where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neural connection grows. – Dr. Daniel J. Siegel

Steph: In Dan Siegel’s book “Aware” he introduces the concept of the “Wheel of Awareness,” a tool he claims will help introduce more well being in your life by helping you to focus and direct your awareness. In part 1, we’ll explore this wheel in a guided meditation on what Siegel refers to as the Eight Senses.

Dialectical Integration

Avi: Dialectical integration happens when we hold different poles of our experience in our awareness until we understand the larger, meaningful whole of which they are parts. In tonight’s meditation we concentrate attention on an integrative concept such as “wholeness” while allowing our awareness to embrace multiple fields of meaning and perception.

Practice Enlightenment

Jeff: One of my favourite life and meditation practices is called “practice enlightenment.” It comes by way of Dogen, the famous Japanese founder of Soto Zen, and is a kind of antidote to spiritual striving. What if you were already exactly where you needed to be? In this way, we practice our own “enlightenment,” moment by moment. It’s a superb practice for lazy people and I intend to ruin your motivation forever.