Beyond right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a meadow. I’ll meet you there.

James: I’ve always been excited about our perceived position. It seems so front row!  No matter where I wander, it seems like I’m in the middle of something.  The emergency room. Dancefloor. Arctic tundra.  Directions race away from all sides, but there’s no doubt, I’m the spindle of the compass’ jittery needle. East starts just east of me, West just west. Waiwaiwait. You too? How can we both be the centre of it all?  For this meditation, we are going to find out, search for the territory beyond us, the axis mundi, where all directions meet.

Seasons of Change

Erin: “To everything, there is a season”, that’s what the Bible and the Byrds tell us. Just as the natural world cycles through seasons of activity and rest, preparation and action, so too revolve our ever-changing internal worlds. In tonight’s meditation, we’ll investigate the changing seasons within us and how they influence our engagement with the world around us.


Sarah: A meditation for anyone who could use a cupped hand to protect the flame of their deepest beliefs. It is all about staying centred in the middle of your cause. We will feel all the feelings, and then practice being larger than them, so that we can protect our energy and stay clear. Then we’ll follow with a compassion practice, because doing all that shit is hard.

Quantum Leaps

Luke: I’m no expert, but I have an interest in exploring the intersection of quantum physics and spirituality. Through visioning, positive affirmations, and adopting an effect –> cause ideology we can consciously work with our subconscious mind and make a quantum leap into our ideal parallel world. The subconscious mind, where 95% of all brain activity happens holds the keys that unlock door ways to hidden potential, a life of purpose, and alignment. Let’s drop in, envision an ideal life situation, bathe in the feelings of what it’s like to be in such a situation and start consciously programming our subconscious to line things up and set us on a path to make our ideal life situation happen! I can’t wait to begin the journey with you!