Maybe You Already Love Yourself And You Just Don’t Know It Yet

Kevin:  So much of our experience of life – the world, other people, ourselves – is shaped by things we unwittingly decided are ‘true’ about ourselves, somewhere along the way. And so we spend our lives reacting to a world refracted through the lenses of our own critical story. But what if we could remove those glasses, even for a moment? Is that even possible? Or, maybe, just being curious and open to that possibility is enough. Let’s find out.

Love Is A Second Hand In Motion

James: Or was it…a second hand emotion? Never could figure that out, but either way: what does it got to do with anything? Said no one ever, except Tina Turner. The rest of us know it has everything to do with everything, is what we are only ever seeking in this lifetime and all lifetimes: the fleeting infinitely shaped puzzle piece to unlock our perpetual heart. We find it, drop it, forget we were looking. Or it vanishes in our fingers and we are left with the hope that if it is half as sweet as it felt, it looks for us too. We get to do more than just wait, though; we get to invite it in. That’s what we’ll spend this sit doing: tuning our antennae to receive, noticing signs of softness in our body as openings for its approach.
Even if it is a second-hand emotion.

Oh, Hello! I’d Like To Get To Know Me

Luke: M. Scott Peck defined love as “The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.” He’s talking about “real love,” much different than “falling in love.” Through the practice of focussing we will sidle up, “real love” it up, and endeavour to get to know a part of us that undoubtedly has some enriching information to share.

Body Love

“You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” ~ Louise Hay

Steph: There’s no question the human body is capable of doing amazing things, even when it’s doing nothing at all.  But years of media conditioning, injuries, trauma, and aging has a way of diminishing all the incredible things we can and should marvel at in the body. When was the last time you spoke kindly to your body? Even thanked it for all it does for you? If it’s been too long tonight is the night! We will sit with the body, in all its wonder, awe and beauty, with kindness, curiosity, respect and love as our guides.