The Stories We Hear

Steph: Most often in meditation we spend our time trying to silence our monkey mind, or at the very least, find a little more space in between all those thoughts. So what happens when those rampant thoughts become the object of our focus? In part 1, we will turn towards the content of our thoughts, and explore who is that doing all the talking anyways?

The Body Is A Dictionary

James: There are at least as many bits of advice about how to meditate as there are on how to write stories.  The most important rule, though, is shared by each: ass to chair. Or cushion, depending. From these, answers emerge.  Questions. Characters. Plot lines. There’s something else that helps with both too. Vocabulary. Not words, necessarily, but discrimination, knowing at  an increasingly subtle level the small things that make up the large. It makes a story richer, more vivid, helps orient us towards the truth. For the first part of the sit, we will dial up the gain in our body, feel into its electric possibility.