Thanks for No Reason

“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.” – William Blake

Jeff: One of my son Eden’s more endearing habits is thanking every random object and creature he passes by. “Thank you, stick,” “Thank you, stah-bewy.” His bizarre pronunciation of “thank you” is “dat doiiing,” which gives his practice a rollicking feel as he springs down the sidewalk: “dat doiiing!” “dat doiiing!” “dat doiiing!” This Monday, we channel our inner two year old, and Pepper our Practice with aPPPPreciation. Then, for the grand finale, we’ll appreciate ourselves, by gathering any remaining self-consciousness into our loving arms, and slow-dancing the night away.

Appreciating the Ordinary

“To learn something new, take the path that you took yesterday.” – John Burroughs

Oliver: There’s a good chance that where you are right now isn’t new or particularly exciting. We mostly relate to the familiar routines of life with an unconscious ‘been there, done that, seen it a thouuusand times’ kind of attitude. Could we be missing something? Tonight we delve into the delicious details of the mundane and see if we can cultivate some appreciation for the ordinary.

Anti-Racist Mindfulness

Erin: Like meditation, the work of anti-racism and anti-oppression is a lifelong practice. We can use our mindfulness skills in the service of that work, helping to illuminate our biases, reduce our reactivity, and bolster our inner resources to sustain and deepen the practice. Tonight’s meditation will take place at the intersection of anti-racist work and mindfulnes practice, using self-inquiry to look into the ways we uphold the pervasive culture of white supremacy and how we can challenge ourselves to do better.

Doing and Not-Doing

James: Happy/Sad. Yes/No. Up/Down. Here/There. Then/Now. Life/Death. Justice/Injustice. The interface is where we live and none of these words, as important as they are, have any meaning unless refracted by our singular position. From the senseless, we use it to make sense. Of chaos, order. We are alchemists of meaning in a reality that has none outside of us, and….well, fuck…it can be a lot of pressure. Exhausting even. For this sit, we are going to explore what it feels like to take the pressure off, see if we can know the sweet relief of letting go into the making machine moving us like puzzle pieces towards its fullest expression.