The Warrior and the Caregiver

Jeff: This Monday, we share self-regulation strategies and tap into the creativity of the community. What do you do to keep yourself functioning and fulfilled? And what’s missing when you fall apart? This discussion will happen after the sit. For the meditation, we explore two sides of being human: the caregiver, who manages conditions based on what you need in the moment, and the warrior, who trains to be OK regardless of conditions in the moment. Let’s explore!


Jeff: Five minutes ago, in my experience, I watched ADD zoom by. Last week, as a result of not getting enough sleep, I watched hypomania come up in me. Then I watched it zoom by. A slow zoom; took a few hours. But it never took me over. I’m at the point in my meditation practice where this happens quite a bit. The frequency makes it no less wonder-inducing. It’s like: did that just happen? Is this really possible? Yes. The energies of my old conditions continue to appear, except now I can choose whether I want to step inside them or not. Sometimes I let them go by, I say “hey previous identity, I guess you’re not me after all.” Just a mind state. Other times I play with the energies, take them for a ride without losing my centre. This is especially fun with the hypomania, although you have to be careful, it’s easy to get seduced. When I feel I’m losing my centre, I step back to ground. Presence is ground, awareness is ground. Ground of my Being, and very likely the  ground of yours too. It’s Waking Up month at the CEC. For me, today, waking up is our human capacity to live in, and from, ground. Let’s explore.

Fuck Self Improvement

Jeff: On this last Monday of 2021, we make powerful resolutions to improve ourselves, from new dietary and exercise regimens, to important practice protocols and virtuous personal intentions, to say nothing of ….er… and … uh …
That sounds like a lot of work. Fuck it.
Let’s flop out in the middle of our lives and ride out the clock exactly as we are. Yeah.

Thanks for No Reason

“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.” – William Blake

Jeff: One of my son Eden’s more endearing habits is thanking every random object and creature he passes by. “Thank you, stick,” “Thank you, stah-bewy.” His bizarre pronunciation of “thank you” is “dat doiiing,” which gives his practice a rollicking feel as he springs down the sidewalk: “dat doiiing!” “dat doiiing!” “dat doiiing!” This Monday, we channel our inner two year old, and Pepper our Practice with aPPPPreciation. Then, for the grand finale, we’ll appreciate ourselves, by gathering any remaining self-consciousness into our loving arms, and slow-dancing the night away.