Giving Up

Jeff: In this meditation, we are going to allow ourselves to be utterly defeated. It will be a race to the bottom, as each of us attempts to out-defeat the other. To say nothing of how each sensation will defeat us (by continuing to be ungraspable), each expectation will defeat us (by continuing to be unfulfillable), and each shining Enlightenment will defeat us – whoosh! – as it passes us by on the way to some sanguine dolphin or industrious garden shrew. How sincere, our defeat! How total, our destruction! “Tell it to no one but the wise / For most will mock it right away / The truly living do I prize / Those who long in flame to die.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “Holy Longing” (translated by Shinzen Young).

Let’s Get Free

James: For so much of my meditation career, I wanted to…I don’t know, break on through to the other side. Transcend. Get the BIG one. Full unity, non-duality, whatever. What if, though, something was alive in me, already helping me, as a mother would her newborn child, teaching me how to walk first on two legs, and then without fear. What if it was about waking up to THAT? For this sit, we are going to see what parts of us are direct-pointing towards the funnest place. What if it’s all of them?


Pamela: What is love? Where is love? Why is love? Many lineages say we are born of love, or that such is the force that pervades and binds us together. We will explore this concept with a journey into our physical selves.
The Path Unfolding (@thepathunfolding) is an inward-looking, somatic-based meditative tour; an open and exploratory occasion to indulge our curiosity, attune our senses, and notice what’s happening inside.