Values Genie

Luke: It can be hard to figure out what our personal values are. Where do we even begin?! Perhaps enlisting the support of a genie will help. Yup. Together we will each think of three wishes that we would ask our own personal magical genie. Then we’ll work on finding the core personal value at the root of these wishes. We’ll have time to record the ‘value’able findings and inspirations along the way, so bring whatever writing tools work for you.

(Find the list of needs referred to in the introduction to the meditation here.)

What Values Am I Enacting In This Moment?

Seishin Jasna: Every single thing we do throughout our day has a reason behind it. Using the lens of Values to look at our actions, speech, thoughts, and emotions can be a tremendously enlivening and illuminating experience, and can radically change the way we view ourselves and others. In this meditation, we will explore what matters most to each of us, all while returning to a grounded, centered awareness.

What You Really Really Want

Oliver: So tell me what you want. What you REALLY REALLY want.
Are you sure?
Often we pursue things without truly understanding our most authentic desires. This Monday we’ll take a moment  to examine the things we want (and don’t want), then go a bit deeper to connect with the core values that lie beneath those longings. You may be surprised at what you find …zig a zig ah.

Soul Values

Laura: Is it truth, love, peace, justice? What matters to you enough that you want to fill yourself up with it, so much that it pours out of you into the way you live your life? What is the deepest experience you’ve ever had? Was it an experience of unity? Connection? Harmony? What has always been important to you for as long as you can remember? “Soul values” is what one of my favourite spiritual teachers, Adyashanti, calls these orienting values.  It can be helpful, particularly when we may be lacking direction, or want to be more fully expressed and embodied, to know what these values are and to call upon them as we move through life. Tonight we’ll explore these “soul values” and put them into practice in our meditation.

(Find the list of values referred to in the introduction to the meditation here.)