The Return of Light

Steph: In the Northern Hemisphere, where I live, the longest night of the year is often celebrated in community, with family and friends, song and stillness, and firelight. This Celebration, known as the Winter Solstice, marks a turning point in our darkest hours, as each day thereafter begins to welcome more light. Its history runs deep, its origins dating back to the Stone Age. On this longest Monday night of the year, we will gather in Community and Celebration, to honour this deeply rooted occasion, as our ancestors have done so many thousands of years ago, and welcome the return of the light, with reverence and revelry. Light a candle or a fire and join us for this special evening.

How To Feel Good All The Time

Dr James: It can seem the case that what we wish for most, ease, peace, friendship, retreats as we approach. What if there was another way? Instead of searching for what we want, we let it emerge. For this sit, we are going to look for glimmers of love in our experience, and see if holding our attention on them can have them move from flickers into flame.