Connecting with Nature for Self- Regulation

Warren: We grow up being surrounded and supported by the land whether we realize it or not. Many of us don’t receive much guidance in building a supportive relationship with nature. In this session we will explore ways of connecting with and mirroring nature to help bring calm, groundedness and peace to our nervous system.

What’s Your Love-Gauge At?

Luke: Whether we know it or not, we all have a built in love tank. But, unlike the relatively intuitive and easy to read gas gauge in a car, it’s up to each of us to develop the skills in order to monitor the levels of love in our tanks and figure out how to fill’em up. One way to help keep our love tanks topped up is to understand which love languages resonate for us and, more specifically, the dialects within the language that’s most aligned for us. Are we filling our tanks with diesel when we are really needing regular gas? Oh, and make it 92 octane, please.

Trauma-Sensitive Styles

Erin: Since much of my own dysregulation stems from trauma, the best way I’ve found to regulate myself in troubled times involves a trauma-sensitive approach. In tonight’s meditation, we’ll explore ways to shore ourselves up and calm ourselves down using breath, touch, and pendulation between inner and outer experience.

The Warrior and the Caregiver

Jeff: This Monday, we share self-regulation strategies and tap into the creativity of the community. What do you do to keep yourself functioning and fulfilled? And what’s missing when you fall apart? This discussion will happen after the sit. For the meditation, we explore two sides of being human: the caregiver, who manages conditions based on what you need in the moment, and the warrior, who trains to be OK regardless of conditions in the moment. Let’s explore!

The Illusion of Separateness

Oliver: The natural world is the ultimate teacher. It’s easy to understand interconnectedness by simply observing the elements that make it up. So why do we often feel so separate and alone? Let’s come together and remember the universal web that we’re part of, ask ourselves why we forget, and connect on the topic of connection.