Avi: There was a time in my life when I struggled to get things done. I had to push myself to take action, to be productive. That created a self image. Now, things are different, I’ve gotten in the habit of doing, of vigorously pursuing projects and interests. Yet, my outdated self-image as an ineffective layabout still drives me to feel inadequate about my accomplishments. In tonight’s meditation we’ll explore the feeling of urgency that can arise when we sit, that nameless, directionless feeling that we should be DOING SOMETHING DAMMIT!

A Soundimental Journey

Steph: As a self-proclaimed recovering Type A personality, I still find struggle in doing nothing. We have been so conditioned to believe busy = good, do we ever even stop to contemplate that maybe it’s not? That wouldn’t be good, right? Slowing down and sitting still – two tenants of meditation – are not easy in this digital age. That’s why for this meditation we’ve enlisted the sweet sounds of KiKo to help us settle into a journey to rebalance our energy centres, and maybe our nervous systems while we are at it.

It’s Not What You Don’t Know, But Who

James: With time spent calling our attention again and again to the now, it can appear that things happen less TO us, and more through. Minor annoyances, visions of the past or anticipations of the future rise and fall like the whine of  passing ambulance. On what window does this experience rise? Is it the same plane as what peers through it? We’ll hold the lamp to ourselves, look for reflection.

Journeys of the Up and Down

Jeff: Hello my fine people. So apparently there is this thing called awareness that we are supposed to be aware of. It sounds ridiculous! But let’s give it a shot anyway. This Monday night, your CHALLENGE (should you choose to accept it) is to very lightly and delicately stay aware of the present moment, for 35 whole minutes, despite the artful shenanigans of yonder mind and yonder world, which will endeavour in their usual charming way to take us up and take us down and take us, frankly, all around.