Anti-Racist Mindfulness

Erin: Like meditation, the work of anti-racism and anti-oppression is a lifelong practice. We can use our mindfulness skills in the service of that work, helping to illuminate our biases, reduce our reactivity, and bolster our inner resources to sustain and deepen the practice. Tonight’s meditation will take place at the intersection of anti-racist work and mindfulnes practice, using self-inquiry to look into the ways we uphold the pervasive culture of white supremacy and how we can challenge ourselves to do better.

Doing and Not-Doing

James: Happy/Sad. Yes/No. Up/Down. Here/There. Then/Now. Life/Death. Justice/Injustice. The interface is where we live and none of these words, as important as they are, have any meaning unless refracted by our singular position. From the senseless, we use it to make sense. Of chaos, order. We are alchemists of meaning in a reality that has none outside of us, and….well, fuck…it can be a lot of pressure. Exhausting even. For this sit, we are going to explore what it feels like to take the pressure off, see if we can know the sweet relief of letting go into the making machine moving us like puzzle pieces towards its fullest expression.

Failure, Success and Taking Risks

Warren: Taking risks is a part of everyday life and are a crucial element to growth, purpose and love. They can be as simple as saying ‘good morning’ to a stranger or as complex as leaving your 9-5 to start your own business. When taking risks in life we can build a whole myriad of coping mechanisms to avoid them. In this practice we will explore taking a variety of small level risks and then give space to notice what comes up for us. Using a combination of mindfilness and naming body sensations, feelings and longings we will work towards increasing our self awareness around what we can do to take more healthy risks in life :)

Find your learning edge

Values Genie

Luke: It can be hard to figure out what our personal values are. Where do we even begin?! Perhaps enlisting the support of a genie will help. Yup. Together we will each think of three wishes that we would ask our own personal magical genie. Then we’ll work on finding the core personal value at the root of these wishes. We’ll have time to record the ‘value’able findings and inspirations along the way, so bring whatever writing tools work for you.

(Find the list of needs referred to in the introduction to the meditation here.)

What Values Am I Enacting In This Moment?

Seishin Jasna: Every single thing we do throughout our day has a reason behind it. Using the lens of Values to look at our actions, speech, thoughts, and emotions can be a tremendously enlivening and illuminating experience, and can radically change the way we view ourselves and others. In this meditation, we will explore what matters most to each of us, all while returning to a grounded, centered awareness.