Fart Like a Baby

Steph: What does freedom sound like? What does it feel like? When my 4 month old baby farts with zero concern for those around her, it sure looks like it feels sweet. Imagine being able to truly let go that freely, and enjoy sound, sensation, and the relief that follows, with none of the embarrassment? That’s rock’n’roll my friends. In part 1 we’ll explore the intersection of sound and bodily sensation in stillness.

We Are What We Worship

Avi: Worship has a bad ring to it these days. We think of cults or old-time religion. But at its heart, worship is simply a way to reinforce our dedication and humility in the face of something that we find worthy of our ultimate allegiance. The ideal(s) we worship may or may not be religious or supernatural. We can worship family, or justice, or science, or sci-fi fandom. In the meditation, we’ll explore what it means to bring an worshipful attitude to our practice, exploring how this attitude can shift our inner landscape.