Erin spends her days running a youth centre and various support programs for low-income children and youth in downtown Toronto. She also spent many years directing plays, teaching drama, and facilitating “Popular Theatre” projects. She lives in Kensington Market, travels as much as possible, and for some reason enjoys talking to people about their feelings.

Erin started meditating as a teenager, which mostly involved staring at a candle flame while listening to Beatles records. She found her way back to practice a few years ago, aided immeasurably by Jeff and James and the CEC community. She’s been recklessly helpful ever since.

Specialties include sitting with difficult emotions (depression, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, fear…the list goes on), holding space for others to do the same, working through conflicts (internal and external), and channeling her inner rebellious child and sullen teenager to better understand the actual children and youth in her life. Favourite techniques are Loving Kindness (’cause we all could use a little more love in our lives) and Do Nothing (’cause after trying so hard for so long, it’s a relief to just exist for a while).