Erin is excited to take on the task of executively directing the CEC, after spending the last decade of her life running a youth centre and support programs for low-income children and youth in downtown Toronto. She holds a BFA in Theatre from Concordia University, and spent many years directing plays, teaching drama, and facilitating “Popular Theatre” projects. She lives in Kensington Market, travels as much as possible, and honestly enjoys talking to people about their feelings.

Erin started meditating as a teenager, which mostly involved staring at a candle flame while listening to Beatles records. A life crisis several years ago led her back to practice and into the welcoming arms of the CEC community, where she never wants to leave. Her practice and teaching has been aided immeasurably by CEC founders and co-conspirators Jeff Warren and James Maskalyk, and influenced by Shinzen Young, with whom she’s been retreating bi-annually since 2014.

Specialties include sitting with difficult emotions (depression, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, fear…the list goes on), and holding space for others to do the same. Favourite techniques are Loving Kindness, because we all could use a little more love in our lives, and Do Nothing, because after trying so hard for so long, it’s a relief to just exist for a while. Erin is passionate about the intersection of meditation practice and social justice, and how to take the contemplative skills off the cushion to make the world a better place.