James is a meditator, emergency doctor, and author. He is an award-winning teacher at the University of Toronto, and works at an inner-city hospital – St. Michael’s – where he won its “social responsibility” award. He directs a program in Ethiopia training the country’s first emergency physicians, and is a founding editor of the open-access journal Open Medicine.

His favourite Shinzen meditation technique is “noting gone”, something we are all familiar with through his incessant going away and welcome home parties for his trips abroad, where he teaches and practices medicine. His role as CEO is to keep things ordered, and, sometimes, to blow things up.  Particularly dance floors. He is also responsible for following leads about treasure: carefully researching the rewards of practice, the ability to know one’s heart, to better live in the space of love and kindness, and also….well, real treasure.  Diamonds, doubloons, that kind of thing. Send maps. He is the CEC’s resident disc jockey and can drink a beer faster than anyone we’ve ever seen on account of his very strong social anxiety.