I started meditating in 2010, seeking to work with a disquieting insight: I felt like, if I stopped being busy I would disappear. I needed to be busy to validate my existence. My daily grind of endless to-do lists and deadlines had been driven by – and distracting me from – the deep-seated feeling that I simply wasn’t enough. I had to always try to do something that others would value because I had no inherent value myself. So I wanted to learn how to sit and do nothing (what I understood meditation to be) and find a sense of completeness and ease in just being.
Through a mutual friend, I started meditating with Jeff Warren and started sitting with the weekly sangha that would become the Consciousness Explorer’s Club.  Jeff introduced me to the teaching of Shinzen Young, and soon after that I began regularly attending retreats with Shinzen, training in the Unified Mindfulness framework of contemplative practice. Eventually I started facilitating with the CEC, attending retreats and workshops with other teachers, and seeking ways to bring more depth and clarity to my practice so that I might also be able to more effectively guide and support others. So, after meeting Julianna Raye on retreat, I started my formal training as a Unified Mindfulness coach.

Since then. I’ve become a certified UM Teacher/Trainer. I’ve co-taught a virtual retreat with Shinzen Young, and I continue to mentor others teachers in training through UM’s Pathways and Compass programs. I lead workshops in schools (elementary, high school, and University), corporate offices, yoga studios, and online. I teach 8-week group programs, as well as work with clients one-on-one. I welcome the opportunity to support meditators at any and all levels of experience, whether they are new to mindfulness and meditation, or have a long-established practice with a specific technique, teacher, or tradition. While Unified Mindfulness forms the foundation of my training, my priority is always to meet people wherever they are and support them in their practice, working with them to integrate mindfulness, and then insights and benefits of their practice, into their lives ‘off-the-cushion’.

If you are curious about possibly working together, please feel free to get in touch. I’d be more than happy to arrange a phone call to talk about practice and explore the possibilities. Whether it means working together, or simply helping you get more clarity about what you’re looking for, I’d be happy to support your practice however I can.

Kevin Lacroix
Certified Unified Mindfulness Teacher/Trainer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

P.S. In addition to mindfulness training, teaching, and coaching, I’m also a professional musician, motion graphics designer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and occasionally an illustrator and animation background designer/digital painter.