Luke (he/him/his) has a background in engineering which helped him foster a respect for the importance of quantitative science in our external world and it’s part in helping create an environmentally and socially healthy planet. In 2015 he left his structural engineering gig and took on the role of Executive Director of Toronto’s StopGap Foundation, which he co-founded, working with communities across the country to raise awareness about the importance of accessibility, inclusion, and barrier free spaces. That same year he was introduced to the Consciousness Explorers Club and soon developed a deep respect and interest in the inner realms of our human experience, the qualitative and spiritual science realms and their equally important roles in environmental and social responsibility. Luke identifies as someone living with a profound physical disability and uses a wheelchair to aid his mobility. Luke’s lived experience working with his own physical and emotional pain, systemic inequity, and personal suffering fuels his desire to find meaning, joy, weirdness, mystery, and massive amounts of hilarity. Luke’s meditation practice at home, on retreat, and in the studio often incorporates a playful mix of his passions for contact improvisation dance, nonviolent communication, focusing, harmonica, and didgeridoo virtuosic aspirations.