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Steal These Meditation Ideas

Part of the CEC’s mission is to inspire people around the world to create their own quirky, self-lead meditation communities. To that end, we’d like to share these short descriptions practices we’ve lead over the years.



Death and Rebirth

Jude: When I was young I thought growth was about accumulation: Learning more and acquiring more skills and knowledge. Now I realize it’s more like coming apart and then coming back together again, and continuing this process over and over.  It’s often the impulse to hold onto what we know that keeps us stuck, so we’re going to practice letting go of the known and being in the fertile ground of unknowing, and who knows what might happen there (I certainly don’t).

Wisdom Within

Oliver: We know what’s important to us. When making decisions we choose based on our values, right? But what about those trickier life choices …move to a new city, leave a relationship, get tacos for dinner?  We may find ourselves restlessly trying to ‘figure out’ the right thing to do. Sometimes weighing values and thinking with the rational mind aren’t enough. Thankfully, here at the CEC we have all the answers! …well, no. But we believe you do! Join us in trying out a new/ancient way to tap into your own deep wisdom differently.

Showing Up

Erin: Something I value most in life is the act of showing up. There is such power in continuing to be present for the people we love, the communities and causes we care about. Showing up to our meditation practice, day in and day out, facing what life is throwing at us, is a way we show up for ourselves, so we can in turn better be there for others. Tonight we’ll celebrate this simple act of being here, together, in our little Zoom boxes.

Who’s Your Mama? Nature!

Caitlin: Mother-child relationships are notoriously fraught. Beyond the messy human dynamics though, we each have a relationship with Mother Earth. While the climate crisis signals that our collective relationship to Mother Earth is also fraught, reconnecting with nature and nurtuting that relationship holds promise for personal, global and planetary health. Ecopsychology, the combination of ecology and psychology, offers a framework for building healthy relationships to ourselves, our communities and our planet. Ecopyschology reminds us that in our quests for health and wholeness, we must relate to the world around us…well, relationally. Beyond false dichotomies, ecopsychology prompts us to re-member ourselves as co-extensive of and co-existent with our physical and social environments. The answers to our current predicaments – from the personal to the global – can be found within the wide and wonderful, creative and resilient web of nature. And to be clear, nature is a web of relationships which we are a part of; not apart from. So let’s tune in! We’ll start by practicing psychological death – letting go of who we have known ourselves to be and with our freshly shattered egos, we’ll meditatively drop in to our favourite nature spots, rekindling our relationships with nature and listening for some moments to whatever wisdom the earth might have to share.

Relationship to Self

Jeff: The template for our relationship with others is the one we’re engaged in already with ourselves. There is no escaping that truth: friendly or critical, neglectful or curious, the longer someone’s with us and the closer they get, the more we end up treating them as we treat ourselves. Among other things, that means the greatest kindness we can do for others is the one we begin doing for ourselves. In this meditation, we explore the life-changing magic of self-compassion. We’ll proceed in stages: first we create a bit of metaphorical space between our witnessing awareness and our seething minds and bodies. Then we kick back and watch our wiggly bits wiggle, always curious, on the lookout for subtle patterns. Halfway through we move into a deliberate self-compassion practice, the simple but profound orientation of caring for what we find inside. Thus primed, for our grand finale we’ll send the compassion outward in a breezy gust of microscopic cinnamon hearts, sandblasting all acquaintances with loving exfoliating goodness. If nothing else, it will be good for everyone’s complexion.