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Steal These Meditation Ideas

Part of the CEC’s mission is to inspire people around the world to create their own quirky, self-lead meditation communities. To that end, we’d like to share these short descriptions practices we’ve lead over the years.



Space, Awareness, and Simplicity of the Mind

Alex: How big is one’s mind? Is it the same size as your brain, as some scientists suggest? Or is it much bigger, as suggested by psychiatrists like Daniel Siegel, author of Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human, encompassing the bodily processes that allow us to feel what’s going on inside ourselves? We’re going to look at the limits of the mind and whether it has any limits in this meditation that explores the mind’s space, awareness, and simplicity.

Inner Celebration

Jude: What does it mean to celebrate?  Well in my 20s I had a very particular idea of how to celebrate.  It definitely wasn’t healthy.  My body wasn’t happy.  But now I’m opening up to a more fundamental form of celebration, simply through an appreciative presence, and acknowledging what’s meaningful.  Join us in a quiet and intimate celebration of our lives, inner and outer.

We’re Having a Party, and the Six-Year-Old You Is Invited!

Luke: When in an unfamiliar social or professional situation, have you ever encountered yourself choosing to not say anything out of fear of saying the “wrong” thing? I have. Even amidst abundant curiosity and interest, I’ve chosen not to say anything. It leaves me wondering what my six year old self would have done? Would he have chosen to engage and express his curiosity and interest? In this sit we will invite our six year old selves to join us and explore what might it feel like to gift ourselves the permission to not know?

Tapping Into Joy

“If you carry Joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.” ~ Carlos Santana

Stephanie:  A joy-filled life is not one devoid of suffering or grief. A joyful life recognizes those true, albeit sometimes fleeting, moments of joy, and strings them together like a popcorn garland hung on a tree for one cohesive, enveloping experience. In tonight’s meditation we will learn to tap (physically and metaphorically) into joy in the body, and to recognize, embrace, encourage and celebrate its presence.

It’s Right Here

James: In both interpretations of the phrase, it’s right here. As in: with the world, consonant with how it is supposed to be, for it can be no other way. Also, the opening into a new one that fits us ever better. This is the tension we walk as meditators, the movement between these two. The act of being present for all of it, even the subtle stuff, the pains and sorrows, no matter what. This is me, right here, in all my transcendent and petty ways. Like all acts of love, the acceptance can also be a fulcrum, opening us to small sweetnesses, blossoms of celebration in our posture, maybe even our heart. For this sit, at the start of a holiday season, we’ll start small, let the tiny loves in our experience light a way home.