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Steal These Meditation Ideas

Part of the CEC’s mission is to inspire people around the world to create their own quirky, self-lead meditation communities. To that end, we’d like to share these short descriptions practices we’ve lead over the years.



Devotion 3: Giving Up

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: Devotion 3: Giving Up
GROUP PRACTICE: Let’s All Surrender

So much to explore on the interconnected themes of devotion, love and surrender. For the group practice, we’ll go inside using a form of contemplative inquiry designed to activate our intuition-rich anti-search engines. As the cliche goes, this one is about accessing your own inner guru, so you can give him / her all your money and then go down in a blaze of glory when the Texan state troopers bust the compound.

All this time you’ve tried so hard – to be good, to say the right thing, to secure all circumstances, to prove you’re allowed to be here. Well you don’t need to try anymore. In this sit we practice belonging, with one of my favourite meditation techniques: the Zen-inspired 60s Christian mystic remix known as  Centering Prayer

Devotion 2: Kung-Fu Self-Hugging

TEACHER: Jeff and Scott
THEME: Devotion 2: Kung-Fu Self-Hugging or Loving the Entire Vibrating Body Backwards in Stillness and in Motion
MEDITATION: I Love the Feeling of Having a Body

OG’s  Scott Davis will work his yoga magic as we move very slowly and deliberately into accessible and archetypally-charged postures, feeling the wonder and grace of each pose. Man I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but listen, this month is about devotion, there’s no getting around the sincerity piece. All I can say is, when you give yourself to something with openness and, yes, with sincerity, you access places more interesting than the usual arid landscapes of the Age of Irony.

I Love the Feeling of Having a Body, the itchy breathy vibrating pulse of it. The benefits of meditation accelerate NOT when certain experiences happen, but when a certain attitude to all experience happens. In this sit, we practice experiencing all sensations as a kind of intelligent caress

Devotion 1: Intimacy Primer

THEME: Devotion 1: Intimacy Primer
MEDITATIONSoham heart-exploding identification with reality mantra practice. No need to read a dozen Sanskrit Hindu texts; OG’s  Morgan Cowie takes us right to da rootz

OK so everybody gets into partners and leans their back against each other and starts to breath and twist and move, practicing eyes-closed no sound communication through the original organ of perception, the feeling body. And two-hearts beat as one, and someone sniffles, and off in the distance a passing car stereo is playing Journey’s  Don’t Stop Believin’ and yeah, I don’t mind saying it, life can be fucking beautiful.

Grrr…. Couple Battle! How to Not Scupper Your Every Kind of Relationship

TEACHER: Jeff Warren and Degan
THEME: Grrr…. Couple Battle! How to Not Scupper Your Every Kind of Relationship;
MEDITATION: Down and Dirty with the Emotional Body, Part Deux;
GROUP PRACTICE: In relationship, there are folks who do the walking

Sometimes, walking right over you. And there are folks who do the door matting – sometimes, door matting right under you! And then there are folks who walk like an Egyptian. That’s right Bangles fans. For this group practice, we’ll be rocking the meditation hall with the era’s best walking songs, as we explore each others’ passive vs aggressive walking styles, trying them on for size even as we ourselves are sized up. Life is hilarious that I get to do this shit.

My Emotional Body Wants to Run Away and/or Punch you in the Face!

TEACHERS: Jeff Warren and Degan
THEME: My Emotional Body Wants to Run Away and/or Punch you in the Face!
MEDITATION: Down and Dirty with the Emotional Body, Part Un;
GROUP PRACTICE: Exploring the Assertiveness Continuum

A big line crosses the room – at one end, passiveness, at the other, aggressiveness. Somewhere in the middle (or maybe it’s orthogonal) is healthy assertiveness. Using various playful social scenarios, we’ll explore how you are an unconscious pinball machine of secret reactivity. Then we introduce you to your unflinching inner samurai, and send you into the night to confidently bum smokes off God / Reality / Nature.