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Steal These Meditation Ideas

Part of the CEC’s mission is to inspire people around the world to create their own quirky, self-lead meditation communities. To that end, we’d like to share these short descriptions practices we’ve lead over the years.



The Lowest Common Denominator

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: The Lowest Common Denominator
MEDITATION: Space all through

We walk around like astronauts. We turn to the human near us and say “Hello. I saw you at the station eating one of those specially-processed freeze-dried nutritional pellets.” We notice how talking is different in space.

The Fact That You Don’t Know Shit

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: The Fact That You Don’t Know Shit
MEDITATION: Just Sitting
GROUP PRACTICE: Don’t Know Mind and koan practice and collective bogglement.

Letting Go, of that Lady’s Purse

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
: Letting Go, of that Lady’s Purse
MEDITATION: Non-Attachment
GROUP PRACTICE: How to be less odious in relationship and less of a klepto on the bus.

What is Contentment?

TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: What is Contentment?
MEDITATION: Aimlessness – the Third Door of Liberation (just down the hall from the men’s room);
GROUP PRACTICE: Breaking down the doors to happiness, in a non-violent way


TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: Boundaries
MEDITATION: Exploring Body and Space
GROUP PRACTICE: Cool movement practice with Nadia

Everyone gets up and starts walking and deliberately follows a different person in the room but they don’t let them know who it is, so you just keep walking around and around in circles and everyone is all super-charged with hunter-instinct and I’ve done it it’s totally hilarious and fun and a good way to prepare for a stalking career.