Rest That Kidney Money

James: In Chinese medicine, of three treasures given at birth from our parents, Jing is what makes our life different than a rock’s. Stored in our kidneys, it is conditional for both body and soul, essence and destiny, wisdom and growth. It is our truest self, known as a life lived over years. The bad news first: it can only be spent, and once it has been, age, illness, death ensue. The good news, as you apprehend its nature, your nature, you can harmonize your actions such that you waste fewer of its jewels to friction. For the sit, we will apply a modern formulation to this ancient principle, as delivered by one of my teachers, Viola Fodor, on how to notice the difference between using the energy of willpower to get what we want, and resting in a deeper, inexhaustible will that can carry us.