Shown here is the calendar for events affiliated with CEC.

We offer meditations every Monday night in Toronto, and other events such as Courses and Retreats.




Location: online via Zoom:
Dates: Monday, September 7th, 7:30pm EST
We will feel all the feelings, and then practice being larger than them, so that we can protect our energy and stay clear. Then we'll follow with a compassion practice, because doing all that shit is hard.


Location: Riverdale Park East; Christie Pits Park
Dates: Thursday, September 10th, 7pm and Thursday, September 17th, 7pm
Join CEC to mediate with the sunset in the waning weeks of this strange summer! Bring your own cushion/blanket and we'll sit together at a safe distance.


Location: online via Zoom:
Dates: Monday, September 14th, 7:30pm EST
In tonight's meditation, we'll investigate the changing seasons within us and how they influence our engagement with the world around us.


Location: online via Zoom:
Dates: Monday, September 21st, 7:30pm EST
In tonight's exploration we will take a deep dive into each of our senses, one at a time, drawing our focus systematically inward, inviting in equanimity and clarity, in order to be able to access and move forward from this place to affect change in our own lives.


Location: online via Zoom:
Dates: Monday, September 28th, 7:30pm EST
Directions race away from all sides, but there’s no doubt, I’m the spindle of the compass’ jittery needle. East starts just east of me, West just west. Waiwaiwait. You too? How can we both be the centre of it all?  For this meditation, we are going to find out, search for the territory beyond us, the axis mundi, where all directions meet.  



Location: online via Zoom (link provided upon registration)
Dates: Saturday, October 31st, 9:30am-4:30pm EST
A day of meditation and discussion with Lama Rod Owens inspired by his new book "Love and Rage: The Path of Liberation Through Anger"