Pathways to creative potential

TEACHER: Luke Anderson
THEME: Pathways to creative potential

Luke: I think we can all relate to the hustle of life, the myriad to-do list. How about the frenetic flipping between shared Google documents, multiple email inboxes, and social media platforms while on a video call? yup. Our attention pulled in so many social and professional directions, on and off the screen, wearing our many different hats. Each Monday night we dedicate time to practice and gift ourselves an opportunity to cultivate some space within, some distance from our external ruckus. If you’re like me, sometimes I can’t create a whole lot of distance during a 35 minute sit. But we try, and in any space we do free up lies a pathway for creative potential. On this particular Monday night let’s explore any space we free up and enjoy a discussion about its qualities and creative potential.

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