The Pleasure of Prana

Steph: Take a moment to pause – take a full breath in, and a full breath out. How do you feel? Tonight we will explore the simplest of all pleasures, the breath. But just because something is simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. The breath for some is home in their meditation practice and for others it can be the most challenging practice of all. Our meditation tonight will be a guided Pranayama (breathwork) practice where we will explore if we can find a place in the body where the breath feels pleasurable and the body and mind feel safe.

Feeling Good Together

Jude:  One of my favourite things about Buddhism is the claim that we are inherently good, and that all of existence, reality itself, can be experienced as good.  In spite of all the pain and tragedy in the world, there’s a dimension of being that remains untouched by these things, and connecting to inherent goodness can offer a valuable perspective, bringing more balance to our lives and outlook.  Come join us in cultivating (or revealing) a real felt sense of this goodness :)

Pleasure Scavenger Hunt

Joss: Let’s look for pleasure and see what we find! This practice will center on pleasurable experiences of taste, sight, smell, touch, and sound; feel free to bring pleasurably sensuous things to the session, or come ready to hunt for some before we begin! — Pleasure can often feel really daunting or even uncomfortable, like something we’re always chasing down. This practice will focus on lowering the stakes (if we can), finding the subtlest forms of pleasure, and remembering the small things we like.

Exploring Nature Metaphors in Mindfulness

Warren: In this session we will explore how to use nature metaphors as a way to connect with ourselves and set intentions for the Spring season. Warren and Luisa will use a variety of instruments to set a gentle background soundscape tone for different mindful inner explorations.