Steph: Yoga Nidra, known as “yogic sleep,” is a state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep. One that is said to have deep healing benefits for the body and mind. For tonight’s practice, we’ll tap into the power of the breath, and the cycles of the moon and seasons, to take a journey around the body, Yoga Nidra style. Join me for this sweet surrender to breath, nighttime, and rest.

Grooving Mindfully

Mark: To dance consciously is to dance with a heightened awareness. The music, your movements, your mind chatter all mixed together like an amusement park ride. This 35 minute dance journey will give you a chance to make sense of your experience and deepen your mindfulness practice while grooving out to some inspiring and body shaking tunes. Hold on to your mūlādhāra chakra, you’re in for a ride!

Creative Movement

Jude: Those of us interested in meditation are well familiar with the benefits of relaxation, peace, and ease.  But at the other end of the spectrum there are complementary practices of ecstatic movement.  In meditation we settle into our experience as it is, while with the practice of ecstatic movement we are stirring things up, moving them around, and skating them out.  We will start in stillness and then shift into a gentle, body nourishing shake. Then we’ll ramp it up, really getting our shake on.  We will then shift into a creative flow of movement, allowing our body to intuitively move and slow it down, eventually coming back to a place of stillness and experiencing it again, but as if for the first time.