Wherever You Are Is Called Here

Oliver: Being in nature can bring a sense of ease and peace. Removing the complexity of the busy human-made world reminds us of a simpler, quieter way. Tonight, instead of going to the woods, we’ll let our own nature come back to us. Together we’ll explore connections between the external, internal and tap into a sweet stillness that exists in all environments.

Awakening Our Innate Wisdom and Compassion

Luke: I find seeds fascinating. There within the protective outer shell lies wisdom, a deep knowing. With warmth from the sun, moisture from the rain, nutrients and minerals from the soil, and the right mixture of gasses from the air, the dormant seed is awakened and begins to grow. It just knows. And it’s this magical knowing that inspired the seed metaphors found in ancient sacred text and storytelling. Why? Because like plants, humans have a seed of wisdom and compassion. An innate capacity to know and tune in to an aligned and true path lies within each of us. Pour on the mindfulness and shine the kindness and the wise and compassionate seed starts to grow.

Elemental Sounds

Erin: You know all those parts of nature that you love, that you seek out for a little solace? The majestic mountains, towering trees, the feel of the breeze on your skin, sun on your face, the lapping waves and winding rivers? I have good news. All those elements of nature are inside you too. And me. We’re actually made of them! Tonight we’ll connect the elements within aided by a soundtrack of nature’s best DJs and songsters.