Nap Time Is Over

Steph: As young children, we began to experience the world through our emotional bodies in the way of BIG feelings. They came out in tears, in outbursts, in tantrums. But they did come out. As we grew up, it’s likely we were taught and learned to control these emotions in some ways, but in many ways our Western culture took that too far; teaching us to suppress our emotions, which as we are starting to learn, isn’t very good for our well being. As adults, we’ve become adept at finding ways to numb, control, restrict or restrain our emotions. Tonight we will tap into our bodies, where emotions are stored, explore sensations, and wake our frozen emotional selves up from the slumber of a long winters’ nap.

Not Two

James: There is subject and object, figure and ground, me and you, inside and out, here and there, good guys and bad ones, Starsky and Hutch. Okay, okay, the last one was a bit of a reach, at the horizons of even my aging memory, but you get the idea. For convenience, our mind parses phenomena into categories, and when it succeeds, moves on. But what about our actual experience? Can it be so neatly divided, and how does an attempt at such inquiry lead to “waking up”? Also, does anyone even read this far? Answers to all these questions and next week’s LottoMax at this very, very special session.

Hello Sunshine

“Enlightenment is permanent because we have not produced it; we have merely discovered it. In the Buddhist tradition the analogy of the sun appearing from behind the clouds is often used to explain the discovery of enlightenment” – Chogyam Trungpa

Caitlin: Together we’ll explore our clouds (i.e. thoughts, emotions, sensations, distractions) and invite them to settle so our enlightening suns can shine through. Maybe we just catch a glimpse, a little ray of sun peeking out to remind us that we already have all that we need. We just need to be with it all, just as it is.