Unmasking Our True Selves

Laura: Masking neurodivergent behaviours to “pass” as neurotypical can come at a deep cost. This practice will explore the masks we all wear, and when they may serve us or harm us. What would happen if we all unmasked? What lies beneath? With a compassionate lens, we’ll explore our capacity to truly connect with ourselves and one another.

You Belong.

Joss: Being neurofestive (a term coined by Ashlee Marie Preston) can present a number of challenges, along with its many opportunities. One of those challenges is the feeling that you don’t quite fit: in the world, in social settings, in your body. This session, we will settle deeply and comfortably into our bodies, lean into spaciousness inside ourselves, and then diffuse our attention into the space around us, and we’ll see if we can’t unearth a greater sense of belonging.

Fruit Flavours of Self-Regulation

Jeff: For this neurodiversity-affirming meditation, you hereby have permission to be the unique way you are. Perhaps that is not hard for you, in which case, superb, I wish to learn from you. For myself, it was a long road. In this practice, I try to cater to a few different styles of attention and sensory sensitivities. There are many ways to learn to self-regulate. Before the meditation I will touch on a few, and we will also have the option to discuss this theme after the practice. Happy to be uniquely configured with you!

How to Practice Peace

Dr James: The practice of peace is eternal and the pain we hold at its seemingly slow arrival heralds the relief we will feel when we no longer need to fight with ourselves. This session will be divided into two parts, the first will be spent calming and focusing the mind, and the other holding onto the image and feeling of the world we are waiting for, such that it draws nearer.