The Overview Effect

Kevin: “The Overview Effect” (coined in 1987 by Frank White) refers to a profound shift in worldview that many astronauts report experiencing upon looking back at Earth from the infinite darkness of space. The beauty, fragility, and unity of this singular, borderless ecosystem seems to trigger deep insight about our relationship to nature, the universe, and each other. You probably know where I’m going with this. The Overview Effect seems to be where contemplative practice (or maybe just life, in general) wants to lead us! Tonight, we will take that ride and explore the vast, allowing, inclusive space of our experience, look back on our ‘selves’, and reconsider the borders between us.

Energy Exchange

Steph: Throughout our day, every single interaction we have with people, animals, nature, the media and more, is an exchange of energy. Some exchanges can fill you up, others can leave you feeling depleted. As our world begins to open up again after some lengthy lockdowns, we will have more and more of these opportunities to engage with the outside world. In tonight’s meditation we explore our energetic relationship with all things, employing a meditative visualization technique to reclaim the energy that belongs to us.

The Disembodied Alien Nobody Who Loves You and Everybody Else Too

Jeff: Every relationship improves when we improve our relationship with ourselves. And there is a relationship here. There is a profound space between our unchanging awareness – what some contemplatives call our “True Self” – and our ever-changing thoughts and feelings and body sensations. In this meditation, we use our imaginations to open up that space. We practice inhabiting our own body-minds as a temporary visitor. How does it feel to move these fingers, to breathe this air, to watch this strange weather pattern of thinking? And what happens when, from this more spacious and playful perspective, we explore our relationship to others? In this storyline, you’ve been waiting lifetimes for the opportunity.