Microcosmic Orbit

If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place. – Eckhart Tolle

Steph: In order for everything to be connected and in harmony, we must have balance. The balancing principle of Yin and Yang, or opposing forces that keep the universe in a state of homeostasis, is one of the main tenants of Taoism philosophy and the focus of our exploration tonight. We will start with balancing breathwork and move onto a Taoist meditation designed to cultivate energy and bring balance to our minds and bodies, and our inner and outer worlds.

Imaginal Threshold Crossing

Avi: Our experience of meaning is divided into zones or regions that we tend to perceive as distinct worlds. We speak casually about the world of hockey, a fandom universe, or the mindfulness scene. We are grounded in the “real world,” even as we may delight in other imaginatively entering various worlds of stories, dreams, and myth. Yet, if interconnectedness is a basic feature of reality, then all these worlds are somehow interconnected as well. This isn’t to say the boundaries between worlds are illusory, but they are permeable. The imaginal walker between worlds is the human bridge who finds the hidden passages to cross thresholds and transmit secrets between the layers of reality.

Localmotion, Localmotive

Robin: This body. Fleshy garment. Transmitter/receiver. Mobile home. State-of-the-art set-up for all your relating and creating. Though it seems to be the defining factor of life on earth to have a body, do you ever find yourself a short distance from yours? This week at CEC, we’ll challenge our zombie-like tendencies to let conditioning take the wheel, and really let the body drive, in its full aliveness, fueled by present moment sensory experience, and gentle invitations (heart riding shotgun, and brain, for this trip, in the back). The territory for this exploration is the dance floor, our co-created field, and your sensory world, in and out. Clear some floor space, turn up the volume, and let’s move!