Sum of Our Parts

Erin: We all contain multitudes, to paraphrase Walt Whitman. The parts we keep well hidden and the parts we show to the world. Work selves and friend selves, family selves and internet selves, all these different versions of who we think we need to be in any given situation. In tonight’s practice we’ll explore our multitudes. Is there a thread that unites them all? How can we move closer to an integrated whole?

Finding Our Edge

Jude: I’ve long wondered, how do we actually heal?  What does healing really mean, and what are the commonalities and differences in our healing process?  Something that seems consistent in healing (though not always obvious) is the idea of titration; moving between a feeling of safety and groundedness on one end, to vulnerability and groundlessness on the other.  In this practice we will explore how we can feel more grounded in our own being, and cultivate that sturdiness to move towards our edge.  This practice will be gentle, honouring and respecting where you are at in your process.

Healing Through Non-Action

Tasha: A doctor friend once said to me, “nothing in medicine or psychotherapy heals. We can only help the body and mind to heal itself”. The array of antidotes and actions at our disposal to help the healing process along is mind-boggling. We are masters of it. But we’re not so great at the other side of this relationship: letting the bodymind be, getting out of its way, and allowing the healing to finally happen. In this practice we’ll explore the restorative power of non-action, the oasis of spacious mind. We’ll take this practice laying down, find release through yoga nidra, and melt into spacious awareness where the mind can finally unwind.

Poetry, Meditation and Healing

Jeff: I’ve been chatting with my good friend Alayna Munce about doing something like this at the CEC for years. Alayna is a novelist and poet and the hard-working publisher of Brick Books, the only press in Canada specializing in poetry. This Monday, we will explore how words open us, challenge us, offer insights and perhaps even healing. How are poetry and meditation different literary forms? How do their effects overlap, and how are they different? These are absurdly broad and ambitious questions, thus fun to entertain. Alayna and I will weave together meditation and poetry; afterwards we’ll share some thoughts, and then open it all up for community discussion.

Wherever You Are Is Called Here

Oliver: Being in nature can bring a sense of ease and peace. Removing the complexity of the busy human-made world reminds us of a simpler, quieter way. Tonight, instead of going to the woods, we’ll let our own nature come back to us. Together we’ll explore connections between the external, internal and tap into a sweet stillness that exists in all environments.