We Are What We Worship

Avi: Worship has a bad ring to it these days. We think of cults or old-time religion. But at its heart, worship is simply a way to reinforce our dedication and humility in the face of something that we find worthy of our ultimate allegiance. The ideal(s) we worship may or may not be religious or supernatural. We can worship family, or justice, or science, or sci-fi fandom. In the meditation, we’ll explore what it means to bring an worshipful attitude to our practice, exploring how this attitude can shift our inner landscape.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Jeff: You can just sit and do “Nothing,” you know (that is a meditation) or you can choose to do “Something.” Which do you choose? Good choice! The category of Something has much to recommend it, in particular its vast … particularity. The next choice is form. Some options: “Stillness” (the obvious candidate), “Movement,” or “Relational,” “Expressive” (for the artists), or any “Life Activity” for that matter. Which do you choose? Good choice! You chose stillness, a traditionalist, and thus you have aligned yourself with a wondrous historic pedigree of eyes-closed forest-dwelling droolers. Next choice: object. Behind door number one we have “Breath,” positively humming and susurrating with energetic mysteries! Door two: “Body” – dare we go here? Not easy for heads on sticks. Behind door number three is “Mantra,” a bit religious-sounding, but then this is devotion month, and we are explorers. So many adventures to choose from! This Monday night, we ask: how might a practice address our needs of the moment?

Beingness In Action

Nat and Matt: Ever had your toes stepped on? Not those toes, your other ones. Well before you go getting a new pair of shoes, or cleaning up your dirty ones, contemplate how you want to go about touching up your loafers. This week we’ll talk about putting the shine on your spirit before breaking out the shoe polish. Is this metaphor getting too deep? It’s about experiencing injustice and really thinking about how to make the world a better place from within first. But that was already clear, right?