TEACHER: Avi Craimer
THEME: Attention
MEDITATION: Distractions

Avi: In the meditation, we’ll pick a focus and then try to noticeall the spectacular and diabolical ways that our busy mind draws us away. Can  clarity about our distractions help keep them at bay and let us stay longer with our focus? In the second half, we’ll roam around the room together trying to maintain continuous unbroken focused attention in the face of some playful attempts to derail our concentration.


TEACHER: Avi Craimer
The Buddha’s Three Characteristics
The Secret Life of Experience

Avi: In this week’s meditation, I’ll guide us in a mindful exploration of the Buddha’s three characteristics of existence: impermanence, not-self, and suffering. These things are everywhere! Noticing them really well apparently leads to enlightenment, whatever that is. In the second half, we’ll explore the secret life of experience, the parts that furtively drop out of awareness. Can we sense the empty spaces they leave behind?


TEACHERAvi Craimer
THEME: Psycho-Somatic
MEDITATION: Body sensation balancing

Avi:  This week, I will guide us in a meditation that combines elements of mindfulness and concentration in order to learn to shape sensations in the body by working with pairs of opposites such as warm-cool, hard-soft, moving-still. In the second half, we’ll explore reality as experienced through our hands, building up our mindful awareness of various tactile qualities and laughing a lot in the process.