I started meditating back in 2010, upon being introduced to Jeff Warren and what was become the CEC. Around that same time I was confronting a felt sense that if I were to stop being ‘busy’, I would disappear.  While I understood that this made no sense, objectively, the more I tried to see through it, the more threatening it felt to my entire sense of self- my identity. Inspired by some books about Zen that I had read in my 20s, I decided to learn how to meditate in order to shed this need to validate my existence with tasks and discover the completeness inherent in simply being alive. This path has lead me to study extensively with Shinzen Young and the Unified Mindfulness framework of contemplative practice. I am a Level 2 Unified Mindfulness Coach, soon to take the Level 3 UM Teacher certification program – for which I will also be a Mentor for other students. I have also co-taught a virtual residential retreat with Shinzen, and am on the roster of teachers for his Home Practice Program. I have continued to broaden my practice, having been on retreat and/or attended workshops with Soryu Forall, Jan O’Keeffe, Adyashanti, Paul Hedderman, Loch Kelly, and David Treleaven. While my priority is to meet people where they are in their practice and their lives, my own practice seems to be focusing on finding ease and freedom through compassion, empathy, and opening to the experience at hand.
In addition to mindfulness teaching, I am also a recording and performing/touring musician, as well as a motion graphics designer for the CBC, as well as illustrator for screen and print.