Kevin was introduced to Jeff Warren and the CEC in 2010, around the time he became aware of a specific anxiety that had been skulking under the radar for decades.  It was the sense that if he were to stop being busy – or at least convinced he were busy -he would disappear. Logically, this seemed ridiculous. But emotionally, this  threat of annihilation of self, of identity, felt real. So, he turned to face the threat by sitting in meditation; to contact/surrender to the utter completeness of simply being alive. Kevin continues to train regularly with Shinzen Young and is a Level 2 Unified Mindfulness coach. He resonates strongly with teachings/teachers who hold spirituality and psychology as complementary framework, and who see that paradox and contradiction are inevitable – even essential – when exploring the nature of experience. When he’s not leading mindfulness workshops, Kevin plays and records music (Communism, Ron Sexsmith, misc TV documentary scores), works as a motion graphics designer (CBC) and illustrator for print and screen, and contributes whatever skills he can to animal rights and rescue organizations.