Being human takes practice

The Consciousness Explorers Club is a meditative think-tank and community hub that supports personal growth and life activism through carefully curated courses, retreats, events, and weekly guided meditation and creative social practices. We try to do this with playfulness and humility and a broad pluralistic outlook, respecting contemplative traditions but never bound by them, always inspired by the idea that the whole community is the teacher, that we all have our own rich humanistic perspectives and experience to explore and share.

We feel there is more we could be doing!
Thus, through the fall of 2016, six of us at the CEC have been volunteering almost full-time to reimagine what we do and how we do it. We’re re-vamping the CEC website, creating new practice resources, developing an all-new programming structure, working on new course offerings, and thinking about how to bring our unique practice framework to other communities around the world. In January 2017 we plan to lift the veil and reveal our plans in fuller detail to the community. We’ll be continuing to seek your feedback throughout this process. In the meantime, we could use the financial support.

If you have any questions about this process – or funding ideas for the CEC! – please email us at

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