3 for 1: Jeff’s new book + CEC housewarming + Monday night sit

CEC has a new home for the new year at Mosaic Yoga Studio. Just to add to the pile of shiny newness, our intrepid founder Jeff Warren’s new book Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics is out and we’re feting it with a non-book-launch book launch. That’s right, there will be no fine wine, stinky cheese or gluten-free crackers to lure you out. But we do have Jeff on the cushion to share his adventures in co-authoring the 10% Happier sequel with Dan Harris. So come out and greet the new year with Jeff’s off the cuff rambles and unfiltered anecdotes about touring across the US for 10 days on a rock-star bus, dropping into meditative states and converting all the Americans he can into ninja-level meditators in an effort to save the world from itself. Or something like that.

Oh! And there’ll be a guided sit led by Jeff himself, of course, because it’s still a Monday night at CEC.