Always Already Happening

TEACHER:  Kevin Lacroix w/Corrine Murray
THEME: Always Already Happening
INTERACTIVE:Tapping into spontaneity

Kevin: Ziran is a Chinese word that can be translated to mean ‘the natural world’. But Ziran can also mean ‘spontaneously, or freely,’ or ‘so of itself’or ‘self-so-ing’ and is a core principal of of Taoism. I love the idea of allowing those two definitions to complement each other, providing a broader interpretation and experience of ‘Nature’! This CEC Monday night will be devoted to observing the inherent and ongoing spontaneity of  experience. For the first half, we’ll let go of intentions and tap into just being in a guided ‘Do-Nothing’ meditation. Then in the second half, we’ll explore spontaneity in movement (via the Shinzen-style Auto-walk technique), and then we take that spirit of playful automaticity into interactive partner-improv work, with the guidance of the skilled actor and overall wonderful human, Corinne Murray.