BYOB (Be your Own Buddha)

TEACHER: Kevin Lacroix
THEME: BYOB (Be your Own Buddha)
Kevin:  Three umpires are kicking back after working a long game, discussing how they make calls. The first ump says “I call them as I seem ‘em.”  The second umpire responded “I call them as they are.”  To which the third umpire says ‘They ain’t nothin’ until I call them’. In this final CEC of 2020, we throw off the umpire’s mask, hold our calls, and kick back in the luxurious nothingness which, as it turns out, consists in everything.
Part(y) 2: What with it being the holiday season at the end of a pretty noteworthy year, you’re invited to hang out and and socialize! We’ll be making rounds in breakout groups to just connect and hang as friends! Feel free to BYOB (what ever that means to you).
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