The Factory Settings

TEACHER: Jeff Warren

THEME: The Factory Settings

MEDITATION: Don’t Know Mind

INTERACTIVE: Authentic Movement



Jeff: What actually wants to emerge in each moment, before thinking jumps in? Inquiring minds want to know! As the saying goes, thinking is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master. Many traditions argue that our actual default conditions – the factory settings, as it were – are wise and caring, but that we cover them up with our maddening stresses and schemes and agendas. In this meditation, we see what emerges when we practice not knowing. Then for part two, we’ll explore an improvisational practice called “authentic movement,” developed by a dancer and psychotherapist named Mary Starks Whitehouse. The idea here, again, is to trust in something other than our usual thinking process, to let our body do the talking, and the balking, and (if we go deep enough) the primal headless chicken squawking.