Everything you are is everything you are not

DATE: February 5

TEACHER:  James Maskalyk

THEME: Everything you are is everything you are not.   

MEDITATION:  Around the still point in a turning world….

INTERACTIVE:  ..spins this body electric.  

James: Are we flotsam and jetsam, or Flintstones and Jetsons? Do we ride these waves of fate rolling upon us, let them carry us so we can know grace, or do we paddle hard at their first hint and reach their same speed, pop up like a surfer, and ride them in our own way and know the art of living?  The answer is surprisingly easy: both at the same time.  This week, we are going to work on saying yes to every little wave in our body lest so we miss the one we want, then we are going to spin them around and see what’s left.