Circus Mastery


THEME: Circus Mastery





Caitlin: Do you sometimes feel like your mind-body experience is a chaotic circus scene with multi-colored elephants parading around underneath clowns walking tightropes pushing screeching monkeys in wheelbarrows, all preventing you from deciphering the very important message your friend is trying to deliver – or is that just me? Focusing is a step-by-step meditative practice that help us access intuition and clarity around the confounding situations that sometimes arise in our lives. By tuning into our bodies and getting in touch with the felt sense of a situation, we can tap into the wisdom and innate sense of knowing that live deep within our experience. Instead of being swept up in the circus, focusing can help us become the circus master. In part 1, we’ll do a guided focusing practice. In part 2, we’ll focus in pairs, supporting each other to step into the ring of fire and emerge with a fresh perspective.