Falling in Love with Reality

DATE: Nov 13
TEACHER: Jeff Warren
THEME: Falling in Love with Reality
MEDITATION:  Welcome to the Party
INTERACTIVE:  Skillful Means or Magical Thinking?

Jeff: OK, for this weekly installment of devotion month, we are going to explore what it means to be goo goo ga ga in love with the hottest sexiest meanest and most ass-kicking ENTITY in the whole universe – that is, the Universe itself. Aka, reality, aka the existential wrapper thing that you, me, and everyone seems to find themselves inside, now and always, for reality just keeps on being real. What could it mean not just to love this beastie, but also to treat “it” as both intelligent and in constant communication with us? Can one have such a view without being committed to an asylum, or being roundly mocked by your boring social scientist friends? What might a discerning version of this understanding look like, and can we expand our minds to accommodate it, like a pair of stretchy lycra yoga pants? We’ll explore this perilous topic on Monday night, first with a simple welcoming meditation to set the mood, and then with some poetic exercises and discussion that I have yet to figure out.