Getting ourselves out of the way

DATE: February 26

TEACHER:  Kevin Lacroix

THEME: Getting ourselves out of the way.

MEDITATION:  Surrender: letting go, and letting go of letting go

INTERACTIVE: Moving, or being moved?

Kevin: Years back, I was stuck trying to make a decision. My girlfriend, gently and patiently trying to nudge me from paralysis, asked “So – what are you going to do?“. “I don’t know.”, I said. “What would you say if you did know?” she asked. And just like that, I was free. I was given permission to let go of what had me stuck: thoughts, fear, confusion, etc. The choice then made itself. This week we practice surrendering; getting out of the way of our experience; letting go of the cognitive steering wheel to perhaps see who – if anyone – is driving. In the second half we’ll see what happens when we take surrender into interactive movement.