It’s right here. 

TEACHER: James Maskalyk
MEDITATION THEME: It’s right here. 

James: In both interpretations of the phrase, it’s right here. As in: with the world, consonant with how it is supposed to be, for it can be no other way. Also, the opening into a new one that fits us ever better. This is the tension we walk as meditators, the movement between these two. The act of being present for all of it, even the subtle stuff, the pains and sorrows, no matter what. This is me, right here, in all my transcendent and petty ways. Like all acts of love, the acceptance can also be a fulcrum, opening us to small sweetnesses, blossoms of celebration in our posture, maybe even our heart. For this sit, at the start of a holiday season, we’ll start small, let the tiny loves in our experience light a way home.


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