Journeys of the Up and Down

TEACHER:Jeffrey David Warren
THEME:Journeys of the Up and Down
MEDITATION:Staying In Awareness
INTERACTIVE: Toronto Sound Journey

Jeff: Hello my fine people. So apparently there is this thing called awareness that we are supposed to be aware of. It sounds ridiculous! But let’s give it a shot anyway. This Monday night, your CHALLENGE (should you choose to accept it) is to very lightly and delicately stay aware of the present moment, for 35 whole minutes, despite the artful shenanigans of yonder mind and yonder world, which will endeavour in their usual charming way to take us up and take us down and take us, frankly, all around. We notice and accept, and then, as a reward … we party! And by party, I mean we close our eyes and allow Toronto Sound Journey practitioners Jennifer Spencer and Katie Hamilton to take us through a series of weird and beautiful frequencies with their “crystal alchemy bowls, chimes and gong.” What ups and downs will our bodies express as we drop into this delicious sonic restoration? Who knows! Come for the mystery, stay for the nap!