Creativity & Creation

TEACHER:Stephanie DeBou
THEME: Creativity & Creation
MEDITATION:The sacral chakra & the Birth of an Idea

“There’s no difference between creativity and spirit. There are ideas waiting to be thought up, creations beckoning to be birthed, movies bursting to be filmed, words yearning to be written, consciousness ready to rise.” ~ Rebecca Campbell
Steph:It is said that during the Plague while in quarantine, Shakespeare wrote King Lear and MacBeth. Newton discovered the law of gravity. Self-isolation and social distancing have us spending more time than ever alone, either indoors or in nature. How can we use this unique time in our history to tune in, and tap into our own infinite powers of creation, rather than just tune into Netflix? Tonight I’ll guide a meditation focused on lowering anxieties by getting out of our heads and into our bodies. Specifically, our energy bodies, and the Sacral Chakra, said to be our centre of emotions, creation and creativity. Using visualization and inquiry methods, we’ll drop into our bodies own pool of creativity, and see if we can uncover what it is we are being asked to birth. 

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CEC meditation sit March 23
March 23, 2020 7:30- 8:30PM EST
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