Meditation – Ahhh….taste the difference samadhi can make

DATE: March 6
TEACHER: James Maskalyk
THEME: Ahhh….taste the difference samadhi can make.
MEDITATION:  Hold the direction.
INTERACTIVE: Pay it forward
James:  We are going to build our concentration, starting from the ground up.  Well, the breath up,  then down.  That’s one.  Up.  Down.  Two.  Up. Down. Three.  Up….my leg’s sore…I should just move it…if I do it quietly it’ll be okay, or maybe I’ll just let it go numb like that…wait… breath….up…..was it three? Damn.  Down.  Sigh. One.  Up.  Down.  Two.  We’ll keep on practicing like that and maybe the delicious taste of concentration will creep in, show us its own reward.  In the interactive practice, we’ll escalate the challenge, eyes open, moving, maybe even…..gasp…..with other people?