Welcome to Your Life,  How Do You Want to Be Supported?  – Part 2

TEACHER :  Jeff Warren,  Sarah Barmak  and Michelle Leybman

MEDITATION :  Concentration, Culadasa  style

INTERACTIVE : Structures of Support, Structures of Inspiration


Jeff: For part one, we continue exploring concentration, this time with a master of concentration – my wife, Sarah Barmak! Every morning she makes me look bad by dropping into bliss-saturated samadhi stillness while I roll around on the floor doing my special “meditation” body exercises. How did she get so good? She followed Culadasa’s excellent  Mind Illuminated  protocol, that’s how. Join us for a trip into the depths. Then, for part two, we move into the second instalment in our two-part series on life support structures. Once we get a grip on our personal values, we can begin to hone in on the domains of life and support that work for us. Nature, relationships, exercise, meditation, diet, healthy work – how do we turn these into support structures, into growth structures, into leave-my-structures-alone-and-screw-all-this-ridiculous-self-improvement structures? We’re asking big questions here, all in the service of existential good times, CEC-style.