Fueling the Fire

TEACHER :  Kevin Lacroix and Morgan Cowie

MEDITATION :  Candle Kasina

INTERACTIVE : After the Fire, Breathe.


Kevin: For this last sit of the month of concentration, we’re going to pour the kerosene of our undivided attention on to the raging inferno, er, candle flame  in a practice called the fire kasina, whereby we will explore how concentration affects the way the flame is burned into our mind’s eye. Why? Because the E in CEC is for Explorers! And how often do you get to stare at fire without being bitten by mosquitoes or having to listen to someone playing Margaritaville on a guitar? Part two will be lead by Morgan “Concentration-Is-My-Jam” Cowie who will lead us to the possibility of single-pointed concentration through breath practice. And if there’s time, she’ll play Margaritaville on guitar.