The Blank Page

TEACHER: Kevin Lacroix
THEME: The Blank Page
MEDITATION:  Just Sitting
INTERACTIVE: Spontaneity, Creativity, and Who Does What?
“I should write more. And Paint. Or Draw… but I have that guitar that’s just collecting dust in the corner; I should start taking lessons again. I’m going to write that down in the lovely Moleskine that I got myself when I thought I was going to write a novel.
Ugh. Maybe I’ll just take a nap.”
Tonight will be about being with what arises from the proverbial blank page. We will attempt to see through the inner art-director/career counsellor who keeps telling us what we ‘should’ be doing in order to validate our existence, and instead, learn to tune in to (and getting out of the way of) the creative voices that are ready to speak to/through us. In the meditation part of the night, we will practice Just Sitting (Shikantaza), and see if we can notice how much activity might be getting in the way of the simplest tasks, both in meditation and in moving life. For the second half, we will have an experiential taste test! We’ll do some creative tasks – from both a place of ‘doing’ and ‘non-doing’ – and compare flavours.