Outside In

TEACHERS: Erin Oke and Luke Anderson
Outside In
MEDITATION:  Threefold Human
INTERACTIVE: Super Sensilbilities

Erin:  Thinking, feeling, willing – educational philosopher Rudolf Steiner called these the three faculties of the soul. For the meditation sit, we’ll spend time focusing on three corresponding parts of our bodies, giving our attention to the activity in our heads, hearts and guts. Like taking a guided tour of your soul, via your physical body!

Luke: You’ve likely heard of the chakra system. People have been working with chakras for millennia, and they are referred to throughout ancient esoteric texts. Modern thinkers like Steiner and Carl Jung studied and wrote about these energetic locations in the body that when developed can lead to higher states of consciousness. Whoa… really?! Hmmmm… sounds out there doesn’t it… Well, in the interactive second-half of our Monday evening together we’ll put on our CEC exploration suits, stuff our backpacks full of open mindedness and investigate the area between our eyebrows. Hold on to your root chakra, maybe an in’sight’ will poke you right in your third eye.