Posture Up

DATE: January 22
TEACHER:  Caitlin Colson, Dana Colson
THEME: Intentional Attention

Concentration is the ability to focus our minds on a chosen object – however inane or magnificent – for a chosen amount of time. We bring intention to our attention. This is the practice of returning our attention, over and over again, to that magnificently inane object. With friendliness, we build our capacity to stay with our object of focus. Slowly but surely we domesticate the monkey that otherwise runs amok in our minds. For this sit, we will use our sitting posture as the object of focus. Watch your back or the CEC posture police will watch it for you. In part two, Dr. Dana Colson will guide us in interactive practices that explore the positioning of our jaws in our everyday posture and overall health. Wear your yoga pants ‘cause we’ll be getting into some downward jaw, happy teethies and cobra tongues.



Caitlin holds a Masters degree in Philosophy with a focus on Existentialism. During her masters, she specialized in asking questions like “what’s the meaning of all this, anyway?” Upon leaving the ivory tower, Caitlin did some work in ‘the field’ and has since used that experience to develop a consulting practice that focuses on working … Continued