Set the table, leave the door open

TEACHER: Kevin Lacroix
THEME: Set the table, leave the door open

Kevin: A short Zen parable that read many years ago went something like this: A person is frantically, vigorously cleaning their house, searching for enlightenment. They’re convinced it’s gotta be there somewhere! After hours and hours of toil, Enlightenment approaches the house and knocks on the front door. “Go away!” the person barks. “I’m looking for enlightenment!” Tonight, we call off the search! We let go of ‘figuring it out’ and practice making space, stillness, and quiet so that what we truly value – what inspires and compels us to engage with life and the world – can make itself known. It might happen suddenly. It might occur gradually over time. Either way is fine. Meanwhile, we set the table, leave the front door open, and sit.


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