Story and Mystery, Part One

DATE: September 17
TEACHER: Stephanie DeBou
THEME: Story and Mystery, Part One
MEDITATION: How to Heal Your Brain

“Steph”: Hey! This is Jeff, pretending to write as Steph, who just had a baby straight from her belly! That happened some weeks ago now. The science of this is astounding. Something about genes and biology and chromozoids. Any-who, no need to go on about this, we’ve all heard about the so-called “miracle of birth” and I (Jeff, writing as Steph) for one am tired of that particular miracle getting all the press when every day BILLIONS of people digest food and nobody takes pictures of that, at least not afterwards. I am here to tell you that Steph will probably show up on the 17th to teach, but if she is still “with child,” so to speak (of course, she isn’t “with child” in the internal sense, at least not anymore, I mean more the external sense, like she is “with the darn child” and can’t find a babysitter, or more likely hasn’t figured out how the whole babysitter thing works yet, since the child itself is so fresh unto this world), then there will be a surprise teacher, who will continue on with our theme of long drawn out stories that never end, but nevertheless give our lives connection and meaning.